Green Card Lawyer Illinois

What is the Green Card?

Green Cards afford permanent resident status in the United States. One can acquire this via the following:

  • Family
  • Employment
  • Refugee Status
  • Asylee Status
  • The Diversity Immigrant Program
  • K Non-Immigrant Status
  • The Legal Immigration Family Equity Act
  • The Special Immigrant Juvenile Status

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What is the value of the Green Card?

It allows one to lawfully reside and work in the United States. One can secure a social security card and a valid state ID.

Can I travel outside the country with the Green Card?

Yes, one can travel outside the county with the Green Card but there are rules regarding how much time a Green Card holder can spend outside the United States and still maintain their green card. Before one plans to be outside the country for longer than 6 months (or extended periods), one should consult an attorney.

How long is a Green Card Valid?

Green Cards are typically valid for 10 years and conditional green cards are valid for 2 years.

What if my Green Card expired?

If there were no conditions on the Green Card and it expired after 10 years, one can still renew the card. Green Cards (without conditions) can expire, but permanent residency does not expire.  However, typically you want to start the process of renewing your Green Card six months before it expires. If one has a conditional Green Card, then one have to file to have the conditions lifted prior to the expiration of the 2 years.

I got my Green Card before I turned 14. Do I need to renew it?

Green Cards issued before the holders’ 14th birthday need to be renewed by the 14th birthday (unless the card expires before the 16th birthday).

My Green Card was lost, stolen or destroyed. What can I do?

One can replace the lost card by filing a I90 form.

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