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Embracing the anticipation of your upcoming green card interview can be both thrilling and somewhat unnerving. This critical step towards your dream of becoming a permanent U.S. resident calls for meticulous preparation and a thorough understanding of the process.

With a well-informed perspective and the assistance of a knowledgeable attorney, this crucial journey can be far less daunting. As an immigration law firm, Kasturi Law, LLC aims to shed light on some of your concerns and provide a comprehensive guide to ease your journey.

Does Everyone Get Interviewed for Green Card?

Those mentioned on the interview appointment notice must attend. For family-based applications, both petitioner and beneficiary must be present, especially in marriage-based applications where the authenticity of the marriage is assessed. However, U.S.-based petitioners for a relative living abroad are not required to attend the interview.

For employment-based applications, only the employee needs to attend. Specific scenarios, such as granting asylum, might exempt you from the interview process, and the U.S. government will inform you of your particular requirements.

Is Green Card Interview Hard?

A green card interview can be challenging due to its importance and potential impact on your future. The difficulty level varies, however, depending on the individual case and circumstances.

To ascertain an applicant’s admissibility and eligibility, USCIS officers might delve into intricate details. This scrutiny can be intensive, especially in marriage-based green card applications. Shobhana Kasturi, an experienced Immigration Attorney in Naperville, can guide you in navigating these complexities.

How Long Do Green Card Interviews Take?

Typically, green card interviews last between 30-45 minutes. However, this can vary based on the complexity of your case and the thoroughness of the immigration officer.

What Is Needed for a Green Card Interview?

Thorough preparation is the key to a successful green card interview. You must bring all relevant documents, such as your passport, photo identification, and the appointment notice. USCIS officers may also ask for other evidence depending on your specific case. It’s essential to review all the information provided in your application, as any inconsistencies can lead to delays or denials.

Benefits of Having an Immigration Attorney for the Green Card Interview

A green card interview is a serious and decisive step in the immigration process. Having a knowledgeable immigration attorney by your side during this process can be incredibly beneficial.

Firstly, an immigration attorney provides detailed guidance. The intricate and complex nature of immigration law can be a challenge for someone not accustomed to it. Their knowledge can also help avoid pitfalls that could otherwise derail your application.

Secondly, an immigration attorney ensures all necessary documentation is prepared and presented. They can meticulously review your application and additional paperwork to confirm everything is in order. This can prevent delays or denials due to overlooked or incorrect details.

Another key benefit is the confidence and comfort of knowing an experienced professional supports you. Immigration interviews can be stressful, and having an attorney present can provide reassurance, calm your nerves, and allow you to focus on presenting your case effectively.

Lastly, an attorney can advocate, ensuring your rights are upheld during the interview. They can intervene if the interview veers off track or if inappropriate questions are asked. Your attorney sits in the same interview office with you, takes notes, and can advocate for you in certain situations. They cannot provide testimony for you but can help ensure that the adjudicator is fair and following the law.

Furthermore, in case any legal issues arise during the interview, having a lawyer present can be invaluable for immediate advice and support. While it’s not a legal requirement to have an attorney present for your green card interview, the benefits are plentiful.

Reach out to Kasturi Law, LLC today, and let’s take the following steps on your path to a successful Green Card interview together.