29 South Webster Street, Suite 370 Naperville,
IL 60540

Shobhana is a highly qualified and caring lawyer. I did plenty of research before choosing an immigration lawyer and I was looking for someone who was highly rated and someone close to the suburbs. She fit both the criteria.

When I first called her I was a surprised that she picked up the phone. I thought that I would have to go through secretaries and assistants before getting to her. She is very accommodating when it comes to setting up appointments. She does charge a consultation fee and it is credited to you if you decide to retain her services. Based on her professionalism and knowledge the consultation fee is well worth it.

She does everything by the book, she will have you sign documents and revert back to her, sign privacy releases, send letters out to previous attorneys if applicable, and she will do her very best. Every time I went to see her I never felt rushed, or felt that she could be doing more, or felt she was not moving fast enough. She sets realistic timelines and 99% of the time she meets them. Her turnaround when it comes to replying emails is amazing. She has contacts in Senator Duckworth’s office and will involve a liaison when needed.

Not only is she skilled in immigration matters she’s also a very understanding and genuine person. She’ll set realistic expectations and always be frank and honest with you. After she handled my case I know that her high ratings are well deserved and well earned.