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In Need of an Immigration Lawyer in Aurora?

Shobhana Kasturi, the founder of Kasturi Law, LLC, firmly believes that her purpose is to assist fellow immigrants in Aurora in navigating the intricate legal procedures of obtaining U.S. citizenship. As a proud first-generation immigrant herself, Shobhana practices immigration law to advocate for those who need the most support.

Our immigration and nationality law attorney has over 25 years of experience and focuses only on immigration law because we know how important it is to us, our families, and our clients — including those who live in DuPage and Kane Counties.

Aurora is home to around 175,500 people, making it the second-most populous city in Illinois. Nearly 75% of the city’s residents were born in the United States, with 57% in Aurora. The other 25% were foreign-born, with just over 13% non-citizens and 12% naturalized citizens.

We empathize with the apprehension and pressure that comes with being an immigrant, as our own family has experienced it firsthand. We recognize that assimilating into the community and securing employment are crucial initial steps toward building a fulfilling life in a foreign land.

Our committed immigration lawyer is determined to help those in Aurora achieve more and embrace the enhanced quality of life of becoming a naturalized U.S. citizen, enabling you and your family to flourish.

If you, someone you love, or your family in Aurora is seeking a determined path to immigration, we have the legal solutions you need to achieve success. Contact our skilled and passionate Illinois immigration attorney for help today. We provide in-office, phone, and Zoom consultations to help you understand your legal rights and options so you can make informed decisions about your immigration journey.

Immigration Attorney Practice Areas Serving Aurora

Kasturi Law Immigration Attorney Practice Areas Serving Aurora, IL Clients

With over two decades of experience, our law firm focuses only on immigration because we know how important it is to us, our families, and our clients.

We understand that immigration applications of all types require thorough documentation and accurate completion to avoid delays or rejections. We assist our clients in understanding their rights while preparing and submitting applications, ensuring that all necessary documents are included and filed correctly, and preparing them for the next steps.

Our immigration attorney can help residents in Aurora with their immigration journeys, even some of the difficult immigration cases, including those involving:

At Kasturi Law, LLC, our Illinois immigration and nationality attorney focuses only on providing legal solutions for immigrants in Aurora who need our help to flourish in a country built on migrant success stories. Contact our immigration law firm today to schedule an in-person, phone, or Zoom consultation, or schedule a consultation directly using our online calendar — in 30-minute or 60-minute timeframes — to ensure their immigration questions get the attention they deserve on their schedules and learn more about our services and how we can help them confidently move forward.

Can I Work Legally in The United States While My Immigration Application Is Pending?

Whether you can work legally in the United States while your immigration application is pending depends on the type of application you have submitted and your current immigration status.

Common immigration scenarios may include, but are not limited to:

  • Employment Authorization Document (EAD)

If you have filed certain types of immigration applications, such as Adjustment of Status (Form I-485) or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), you may be eligible to apply for an Employment Authorization Document (EAD), commonly known as a work permit. Once you receive the EAD, you can legally work in the United States while your immigration application is pending.

  • Nonimmigrant Visas with Work Authorization:

If you are in the United States on a nonimmigrant visa that allows for employment (including H-1B, L-1, and O-1), you can work legally if your status is valid. However, if your nonimmigrant status expires while your immigration application is pending, your ability to work may be affected.

In some cases, individuals may have specific circumstances or visa categories that allow for employment authorization while their immigration applications are pending. Our skilled immigration attorney can help Aurora residents understand the requirements and options available based on your situation.

It is crucial to note that working without proper authorization in the United States can have serious consequences, including deportation and future immigration problems. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure that you have the necessary approval before engaging in any employment activities. We can help.

Contact Our Dedicated Immigration Attorney Today

At Kasturi Law, LLC, our immigration attorney is personally committed to being a trustworthy legal partner for each Aurora client and will stand by your side throughout the immigration process. Here, you are not a case; you are a human being, part of a beloved family that needs our help, and we have dedicated our lives to ensuring you get it.

We believe in you, your immigration journey, and your success. Contact us today to learn how we can help with your unique case, or schedule a consultation directly using our online calendar — in 30-minute or 60-minute timeframes — to ensure your immigration questions get the attention they deserve on your schedule.



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