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IL 60540

I’m fortunate to have Mrs Kasturi as our family immigration lawyer. Regardless of what nationality she did not refuse to help me. I’m Polish and I will encourage all Polish people who struggle with any immigration issues to talk to her. Mrs. Shobhana Kasturi is very approachable, fair,accurate and on time. Her work is truly above and beyond.God Bless You.

07/30/18 Mrs Kasturi,on behalf of my brother and his family allow us to express our deepest gratitude for your help,professional assistance in our family journey toward America. You are an amazing immigration attorney and helper to the people who are waiting patiently to legally enter USA. CUDOS to your business,involvement and personal touch to our case.You have the true call,the vocation to help others.God bless You and God bless America. Deeply greatful Adam S. and my family from Poland.