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Immigration FAQ’s

Lawful Permanent Resident Card Questions

In very simple terms, this is the process by which one acquires permanent status to work and live in the US. One can fie for Adjustment of Status via family or employment.

When an individual (not born in the US) files a petition to become a US Citizen. Those born in the US and its territories are considered US citizens by birth and do not have to go through such a process. As a US Citizen, one can vote, travel freely, live and work in the United States. One can also petition for permanent residency of ones immediate relatives. (spouses, parents, and unmarried children under 21)

Depending on what state of the immigration process you are this can impact your immigration status. If you have a conditional green card, you may still be able to secure a permanent green card. If your spouse has filed an immigrant petition for you are no longer together then the petition will no longer viable. Talking to a qualified immigrant attorney is very important. Please feel free to contact Kasturi Law, LLC at (630) 392-8101 to further discuss your case.

It is extremely important to timely and correctly respond to the RFE or NOID. Failure to do so can result in the denial of the case. It is also prudent to consider talking to an immigration attorney about responding to the RFE or NOID. Please feel free to contact Kasturi Law, LLC at (630) 392-8101 to further discuss your case.

There are four essential factors to consider.

  1. The attorney should be vested in your case. You should be more than just a number. The “caring” factor matters and is essential to the success of your case.
  2. The attorney should be accessible/responsive and you should feel comfortable asking questions.
  3. While one should certainly consider cost and ones budget, keep in mind that ultimately you want someone who has the skillset and desire to handle your case and not necessarily the most expensive or cheapest attorney.
  4. The attorney is someone you should feel comfortable dealing with versus dreading talking to.

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