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In Need of an Immigration Lawyer in Oak Brook, Illinois?

At Kasturi Law, LLC, our immigration and nationality law attorney and law firm founder, Shobhana Kasturi, is a proud first-generation immigrant passionate about guiding Oak Brook immigrants through the complex legal process. It gives her more than a sense of pride; it allows her to share her story so each of our clients knows that we have stood exactly where they are, afraid of what comes next.

Our immigration attorney is here to assure you there is nothing to fear. We will protect you throughout the DuPage County legal process and ensure you understand each step, beginning with the eligibility criteria for immigration and identifying the proper category based on your eligibility.

Oak Brook is home to just under 7,800 people who share the city’s just over eight square miles. Of the nearly 74% of its native-born residents, almost 58% were born in Oak Brook. The other 26% of the Oak Brook population is foreign-born, with just over 3% being non-citizens and the other 23% being counted as naturalized citizens.

Our immigration law firm assists individuals and families throughout Illinois and neighboring states in understanding the federal process of legally entering the United States and, more importantly, remaining in the U.S. with the proper documentation to move forward confidently.

If you, someone you love, or your family is seeking a determined path to immigration, we have the legal solutions you need to achieve success. Contact our skilled and passionate immigration attorney for help today. We provide in-office, phone, and Zoom consultations to help you understand your legal rights and options so you can make informed decisions about your Oak Brook immigration journey.

Immigration Attorney Practice Areas Serving Oak Brook, IL Clients

Kasturi Law Immigration Attorney Practice Areas Serving Oak Brook, IL Clients

With more than 25 years of experience, our law firm focuses only on immigration because we know how important it is to us, our families, and our Oak Brook clients.

We understand that immigration applications of all types require thorough documentation and accurate completion to avoid delays or rejections. We assist our clients in understanding their rights while preparing and submitting applications, ensuring that all necessary documents are included and filed correctly, and preparing them for the next steps.

Our immigration attorney can help with your Oak Brook immigration journey, even some of the difficult immigration cases, including those involving:

At Kasturi Law, LLC, our Illinois immigration and nationality attorney focuses only on providing legal solutions for immigrants who need our help to flourish in a country built on migrant success stories. Contact our immigration law firm today to schedule an in-person, phone, or Zoom consultation, or schedule a consultation directly using our online calendar — in 30-minute or 60-minute timeframes — to ensure their immigration questions get the attention they deserve on their schedules and learn more about our services and how we can help them confidently move forward.

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How Do I Obtain a Replacement Green Card If Mine Is Lost, Stolen, or Damaged?

If your green card is lost, stolen, damaged, or contains incorrect information, you can apply for a replacement card, also known as a Green Card renewal or Form I-90, with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Along with your completed Form I-90, you will need to submit supporting documentation, including:

  • A copy of your current or expired green card, if available.
  • Proof of identity, such as a government-issued photo ID.
  • Any other documentation requested on Form I-90, depending on your specific situation. This may include a police report for a stolen card or evidence of a legal name change.
  • Include the filing fee for Form I-90. Fees may change, so check the USCIS website for the most up-to-date information. Prepare a check or money order payable to the “U.S. Department of Homeland Security” for the total amount.

Mail your completed Form I-90, supporting documents, and payment to the USCIS Lockbox facility designated for your geographic area. To avoid delays, make sure to include all required elements of the application package.

After USCIS receives your application, you may be scheduled for a biometrics appointment to provide fingerprints, photographs, and signatures. Attend the appointment at the designated USCIS Application Support Center (ASC) and cooperate with all instructions.

Once USCIS processes your application and verifies your eligibility for a replacement green card, you will receive your new card by mail at the address you provided on your application.

To maintain your lawful permanent resident status and avoid potential complications with travel or employment, you must promptly replace your green card if it is lost, stolen, damaged, or incorrect information.

We believe in you, your immigration journey, and your success. Contact us today to learn how we can help with your unique case, or schedule a consultation directly using our online calendar — in 30-minute or 60-minute timeframes — to ensure your immigration questions get the attention they deserve on your schedule.

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