29 South Webster Street, Suite 370 Naperville,
IL 60540

Hired Shobhana because I have a disability and trying to navigate the process of applying for citizenship on my own was such a daunting and unnerving task.
From the beginning, Shobhana exuded professionalism. First, she made sure that she understood my unique condition, and she was incredibly compassionate. Also, she was very knowledgeable about the details of the immigration laws pertaining to me, so she provided honest and realistic expectations while assuring me that I am in capable hands.
One truly impressive aspect of my experience with Shobhana was her exceptional communication. She always promptly responded to emails (usually within minutes), and she kept me posted regarding the case every step of the way, she would inform me of any updates as soon as they happen.
Another remarkable quality of Shobhana’s work is her diligence. She double and triple checked every single detail of all the several forms meticulously. She anticipated and was prepared for any scenario we might encounter during the interview. Not to mention reviewing my medical report and providing invaluable feedback so we can accurately demonstrate the consistency between the clinical and legal perspectives of my diagnosis.
But perhaps above all of that, Shobhana is not just a lawyer, she is a caring and kind human being. She appreciated the fact that I was anxious, and she reassured and encouraged me whenever I needed that. She offered help even in matters that could be beyond the scope of her services. For example, she searched the web for me to find and recommend interpretation services in my area who helped during the interview as well as in writing this review.
Thanks to Shobhana my case was approved and I’m waiting for the date of the Oath ceremony. My family and I can’t express enough gratitude for her help.