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I recently went through the Naturalization process using the law firm of Kasturi Law located in Naperville. One of my best decisions was to use this law firm as I found out that preparation prior to the interview is everything. Shobhana is a very professional and knowledgeable lawyer who is very efficient and is dedicated to helping her customers achieve their goal. She fully understands the process and reviews all required paperwork in great detail with you. Only after she is satisfied that everything that is needed for the interview has been provided, she will then submit the application. Once the application has been submitted she then focuses her attention to assisting you in being prepared for the interview. She is a very patient and helpful person in answering all questions. She reviews the process of the interview with you so their are no surprises when you arrive for the interview. This was so important as the day of the interview I was extremely prepared to answer any questions. I was never alone in the process. Shobhana was always right there to answer questions, and was beside me, even through the interview. I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND USING THE LAW FIRM OF KASTURI LAW. I’m now using Shobhana to help my children through the same process. that is how much I believe in her!