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IL 60540

Shobhana is an excellent immigration attorney. Her attention to detail, knowledge of the approval process and the paperwork requirements, were the key to our success. Mum’s green card arrived in the mail today!
It was a long journey starting late 2021. Shobhana knew 60 & 80 year-old original hand-written birth certificates would be an issue come USCIS review, so we sent for new copies that complied with today’s official doc requirements. When my I-130 was finally picked up it was approved in half a day. Same happened with mum’s I-485, approved in 2 hours.
The wait for our cases was crazy long, I actually thought they lost our applications. Shobhana was proactive in reaching out to us to contact Senator Durban’s office, and she sent communications to the supervisor’s attention. Shobhana was very supportive and reassuring, if not for her I feel we’d still be waiting for action.
Shobhana really cares about her clients, we’re so fortunate to have had her representation. I highly recommend Kasturi Law LLC firm and will seek her help again when it’s time for citizenship.