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Seeking naturalization in the United States, specifically in Illinois, is one of an immigrant’s most important decisions. There is a multitude of ways in which you can obtain legal citizenship within the United States.

Citizenship in the U.S. takes an effort to seek Schaumburg immigration lawyers who can help you. An immigration lawyer at Kasturi Law LLC, assesses your criminal record and what impact this history may have on your naturalization application.

The Importance of Disclosing Criminal Records

When applying for naturalization as a citizen of the U.S., it is vital to disclose your criminal history to your immigration attorney and the immigration authorities. This is because you must follow a criminal procedure under federal rules to become a United States citizen. Never make false statements on your application.

False statements eventually come to light, and you could be denied citizenship when discovered. A fingerprint check is part of the naturalization process and brings to light any erroneous information you may make.

You must give evidence to your Naperville Immigration Law Attorney in your defense. The attorney will do an assessment of how the criminal records your ability to naturalize and whether you are still eligible to adjust. If you were arrested for a crime, but there was no conviction or finding of guilt, then you may still be eligible to naturalize. Even if there was a conviction, you may be eligible to naturalize depending on the nature of the crime/conviction, when it occurred and whether you were an adult or juvenile at the time of the conviction. You can consult with Kasturi Law, LLC (Shobhana Kasturi) to figure out if you are eligible for naturalization. Shobhana has dealt with many naturalization cases (from the simplest to complete cases.) Being an immigrant and having gone through the process, she understands what is at stake and why naturalization is so important to many lawful permanent residents.