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At Kasturi Law, our Illinois immigration and nationality law attorney helps individuals prepare for critical green card interviews. While you are not required to have an attorney present at your green card interview, many applicants choose to have one to lean on their knowledge, skill, and preparedness to increase their chances of interviewing well and being approved for a green card.

A green card interview is crucial in obtaining lawful permanent resident status in the United States. It is typically conducted by an officer from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for those applying for a green card.

Attorney to Attend a Green Card

What are the Benefits of Having an Attorney During a Green Card Interview?

Our skilled green card interview attorney can provide valuable legal expertise and ensure that you understand the questions and that your responses are appropriate and complete.

We can help you prepare for the interview by conducting mock interviews and helping you understand what to expect, which includes:

  • Assessment of Eligibility: USCIS officers assess whether you meet the eligibility criteria for a green card.
  • Verification of Information: The primary purpose is to verify the information in your green card application and supporting documents.
  • Evaluation of Relationship: For family-based green card applications, particularly marriage-based ones, the interview aims to determine the authenticity of the relationship.
  • Security and Background Check: The interview helps USCIS verify your background and ensure no security risks.

Our dedicated green card interview attorney will help you prepare by:

  • Reviewing Your Application: Be familiar with the details in your application and supporting documents.
  • Organizing Documents: Bring originals and copies of all required documents, such as passports, birth certificates, marriage certificates, employment letters, and any other documents specified in the interview notice.
  • Preparing for Questions: Practice answering questions about your application, background, and, if applicable, your relationship with your sponsor.

If approved, you will receive your green card in the mail. If more information is needed, USCIS may issue a Request For Evidence. If further information is required, we will help build a response package that supports your immigration case.

Do You Need Help Preparing for Your Green Card Interview? We Can Help.

At Kasturi Law, our immigration practice is driven by the desire to give a voice to those who most need it, including those concerned about their green card interviews. If your case has complications, such as prior immigration violations, criminal records, or inconsistencies in your application, our attorney can help address these issues effectively before your interview.

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