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Our Illinois immigration and nationality law attorney at Kasturi Law LLC understands that receiving a Request For Evidence (RFE) letter from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) can be stressful.

If you receive an RFE from USCIS and do not have the requested information or documentation, it is crucial to handle the situation carefully to avoid denying your application.

While not having the specific information requested in an RFE can be challenging, providing alternative evidence and a clear, detailed explanation can still allow USCIS to process your application. Our skilled immigration attorney at Kasturi Law, LLC can significantly enhance your ability to respond effectively, relieving you of stress and increasing the chances of a positive outcome.

Evidence Response

How Can an Immigration Lawyer Help with My Request For Evidence Response?

Effectively responding to an RFE is crucial for the success of your immigration application. Our immigration lawyer can provide invaluable assistance by ensuring your response is thorough, well-organized, and legally sound, significantly improving your chances of a favorable outcome.

That includes:

  • Carefully reviewing the RFE to understand precisely what USCIS requests and why.
  • Explaining the legal and procedural context of the RFE, ensuring you understand the specific requirements and potential implications for your case.
  • Identifying the specific documents and evidence that USCIS requests.
  • Advising on acceptable alternative evidence and how to present it effectively.
  • Developing a strategic approach to your response, ensuring it addresses all the issues raised in the RFE.
  • Organizing the evidence and documents logically and clearly, making it easier for USCIS to review and understand your response.
  • Drafting a detailed cover letter that explains the context of the evidence, addresses any discrepancies, and makes a legal argument for why your application should be approved to enhance the presentation of your response significantly.
  • Ensuring that your response is prepared and submitted within the deadline specified by USCIS.

If your case has complex legal issues or inconsistencies, we can provide expert advice on how to address them and help reconcile any discrepancies between different parts of your application or between your current and previous applications.

We will communicate directly with USCIS on your behalf, clarify any ambiguities or address additional questions, and follow up with USCIS if any delays or further information is requested.

At Kasturi Law, our immigration lawyer’s expertise and experience can significantly increase the likelihood of a successful response and reduce the risk of a denial.

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