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Shobhana Kasturi, our Naperville and Schaumburg immigration and nationality law attorney and Kasturi Law, LLC firm founder, knows the I-751 interview is crucial in removing the conditions on your conditional green card for those in Illinois and throughout the U.S.

During this interview, you and your spouse (if applicable) will have the opportunity to provide additional evidence and answer questions to demonstrate the legitimacy of your marriage and eligibility for permanent residency. Here, we discuss what you can expect during the interview.

 I-751 Interview

What to Expect During an I-761 Interview to Remove the Conditions from Your Conditional Green Card

Before the interview, you will receive a notice from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) informing you of your interview’s date, time, and location.

Make sure to review the notice carefully and follow any instructions provided.

Preparation is key to a successful I-751 interview. Before the interview, gather all required documents, including evidence of your bona fide marriage, such as joint financial documents, photos, lease agreements, utility bills, and affidavits from family and friends.

Review your petition and supporting documents to ensure accuracy and completeness. This proactive approach will give you confidence during the interview.


  • Arrive at the interview location early to allow time for security screening and check-in.
  • Bring your interview notice, government-issued photo ID, and any requested documents.

The interview typically begins with an officer reviewing your documents and asking fundamental questions about your background, marriage, and immigration history.

Be prepared to answer questions truthfully and provide detailed information as needed.

The officer may ask you and your spouse questions separately to verify the legitimacy of your marriage.

Questions may cover topics that include:

  • How you met.
  • Your wedding ceremony.
  • Living arrangements. Financial arrangements.
  • Plans together as a married couple in the U.S.

The officer will review the evidence you provided to support your petition, including joint bank account statements, tax returns, and photos.

Be ready to explain any discrepancies or provide additional information as requested.

After the interview, the officer may inform you of their decision or indicate that further review is necessary. If your petition is approved, you will receive a notice confirming the approval and providing instructions for obtaining your new green card.

If additional evidence is required, you may be given a deadline to submit it.

If your petition is not immediately approved, follow any instructions provided by the officer and promptly provide any requested additional evidence. Once the review process is complete, USCIS will notify you of the final decision.

If you have concerns about the interview or believe you may face challenges, we can help.

At Kasturi Law, LLC, our immigration practice is driven by the desire to give a voice to those who most need it, including those concerned about their I-751 interviews.

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